An aunt, a house, and of joys on the beach at Hikkaduwa

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I have always waited with bated breath for the holidays to begin at Hikkaduwa, to be embraced by the warmth of that house, Siriniwasa, hear in the winds that came through the grove of coconut trees whisper of the joys of many who have been here before us.

For me, Siriniwasa was not just a house of bricks and mortar – for it is a house that has lived with us, witnessing births, marriages, sicknesses and the pain of death. It has become a companion that walked with me whenever I was away from it, the joys of memories sustaining me in difficult times. It remains an integral part of all of us who have loved within it.  Many of us remember with a smile the spirit and all it stood for – solid family values and that Southern hospitality.  We all leave our footprints in the sand, embed our…

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2 thoughts on “An aunt, a house, and of joys on the beach at Hikkaduwa”

  1. It’s Sunday and I’m in a U.S. Government training room in Goleta, California. It’s a good room, as such rooms go, set in a new building….clean, well ventilated, quiet and new.      I’m the only one here and I’ll be here for another 6 hours, which is a remnant of the 8.5 total hours I’m required to be here.  Too,  I’m here five   days a week and have been here for over a month.    For all practical purposes this is conducive to concentration, but I can only concentrate for so long and then my mind begins to wonder.  And so shall it be… wondering comes naturally to me…. Your memories of Hikkaduwa are a fine place to walk and see.  I find it very pleasant there.  Today I strolled through your memory of  “An aunt, a house, and of joys on the beach at Hikkaduwa.”   As I can see more clearly when I hear music, I listened to Chopin, Prelude Op. 28, No. 15.  A very nice path to travel…..  Many thanks…. DH  


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