Boy Fishing@Dodanduwa


Tsunami Second Anniversary 26 December 2006

I was on my way to Prasanna’s almsgiving, when I saw these boats freshly painted and this boy and some of his friends fishing under the bridge.  I’ve passed this bridge many times since but has never seen the same number of boats.


3 thoughts on “Boy Fishing@Dodanduwa”

  1. Dear Chuli,
    I was moved by your articles and the history of your family. Having had holidays in Hikkaduwa – it brought back memories of your Father and Mother and your beloved brother Prasanna and his family. Keep it up. Congratulations on your photography – it is just beautiful. Wondered whether I could use “boy fishing at Dodanduwa” for a brochure for my Sri Lankan cooking classes.

    All good wishes for 2008 and belated Birthday wishes too.

    Look forward to reading more.


  2. Hi My favourite photographer,
    you are now world class pretty lady. They say a woman that can handle a Camera so well, knows all the angles in life as well. Good work my friend, keep it up.


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