Cake and Comfort

It’s been a tough couple of days but Ranil and Aileen have had good courage and is being strong amidst the obvious sadness that follows the loss of a baby at full term.

Felix’s ashes were brought home today — not something we Buddhists do — but the young couple wanted to bring Felix home for awhile. We have said pirith, sprinkled the “pirith pang” that came all the way from Brisbane and five little candles burn keeping a vigil.

Saturday, the day after the funeral was “Cake and Comfort” day when about 25 or so close friends of the young couple turned up here at their home in Neutral Bay, Sydney

Most friends brought presents to cheer them up — lots of chocolate, which included plenty of chocolate cake, spa packs, and many goodies for Aileen. The good point was that they not only bought presents for Aileen but one guy came and left his bass guitar for Ranil to play and parctise.

So on Sunday morning I found them playing a duet — “I still call Australia home” with Aileen on the piano and Ranil on the bass guitar and singing. Yesterday we played Scrabble which Ranil won easily and then I had a photography lesson.

This is not the first time that the clock has come a full circle and the tables have been turned where Ranil is my teacher. He was my teacher on holiday from Uni and introduced me to Wordperfect and programs. And like those times, it is not just teaching — I have set exercises to do. So we took photos of all flowers in the house.

So with friends, family and comfort and their hobbies and interests holding them — I think — hopefully they’ve turned the corner.


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